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    Spec Homes

    When building your dream home, the endless options and possibilities can be overwhelming. That’s why Builders Solutions in Miller, South Dakota, has created spec homes you can customize.

    Our Options:

    • 2 Bed, 2 Bath Homes
    • 3 Bed, 2 Bath Homes
    • 4 Bed, 2 Bath Homes
    • Kitchen design service – can mock up 3D design!

    Call us to learn more about our spec homes and receive a 3D rendering of the home. Visualize what your new home will look like!

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    Spec Home Layouts

    Kitchen Design Service

    Builders Solutions in Miller, South Dakota, also offers kitchen design services. We can create a 3D rendering so you can visualize what your kitchen will look like before it’s designed. This allows you to make adjustments, tweaks, and get it perfect before your hard-earned money is spent.

    Call us at (605) 870-1341 to get started!

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    3D Design Previews

    If you are intersted in one of our spec homes, call us at (605) 870-1341 or fill out the form to view 3D design previews of each home.