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    Our Process

    How It Works

    Unlike our competitors, our business system is built on absolute efficiency. Our goal is to offer the construction industry’s best building products using the most advanced methods of supply chain management. Our focus to continually reduce our operating expenses allows Builders Solutions, LLC the ability to pass these savings to you – putting more money into your pocket.

    We accomplish this focus through:

    • Our Strategic Management

    • Our Supply Chain Management; and

    • Our Construction Industry Network.

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    Whether you already have the project’s plans, or you need our staff to help with the design, we are here to help you finish your project. We use the latest software and our vast construction experience to ensure that every detail is addressed within the plan. Once the plans are finalized, our staff can then prepare a material list, quote the required material and supplies, and then work alongside you throughout the construction process.

    We can even provide referrals of the necessary service providers you will need for your project. From helping to plan your project’s initial conception to ensuring you have the very best products — customer service is what we offer, taking care of people is what we do.

    “Failing to Properly Plan, is Properly Planning to Fail.” Builders Solutions is here to help ensure your outcome meets your goals.


    Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or one of our elite contractor partners, Builders Solutions is here to offer its expertise regarding construction materials and supplies, as well as the actual building process. With over 30 years of building experience, our staff has one goal — assisting you in achieving your ultimate building goal for each and every project.

    “There’s No Crying in Carpentry!” Therefore, to further help save you money, our staff helps you measure twice, and cut once.


    With over 9 years of professional landscaping experience, predominantly within the high-end Sioux Falls, South Dakota area, we can help design every aspect of your landscaping. Whether you are looking for waterfalls, irrigation systems, erosion control, landscape design and installation, our staff can help achieve your outdoor living space dreams.


    Whether you order individual windows, flooring, millwork, or an entire house or hotel worth of lumber from Builders Solutions, we greatly appreciate your business!

    “Without properly planned deadlines, construction customer’s goals will not be met.” – Don Nye | The Builders Solutions staff and process are here to help plan those deadlines, and make sure both customer and contractor succeed.

    What You Need To Know

    Our goal is to supply contractors in the Midwest with the most affordable building supplies.

    To accomplish this goal, our Builders Solutions, LLC team forms relationships with elite contractors to provide them with the construction supplies and materials they need to complete each project. Unlike big box store employees, our Builders Solutions Team offers decades of hands-on construction and building experience to assist you in your construction projects. Our contractors’ continued success is what makes Builders Solutions successful. We never take our relationships and customers for granted.

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